A nap that exceeds a duration greater than three hours, usually during the daytime. Such as one that follows classes or work.
"Man my lectures were boring day, I'm going to take a stail, be back in 4 hours."
by sleepmaster May 17, 2006
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The art of using your mindpowers and fingers to stick nails and staples into and out of a board compulisvely.
Regina and Dani invented to sport of Stailing.
by Jiorge January 30, 2006
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attempting to live life slow to anger and abounding in love.
I've been stailing my whole life and it's hard work but worth it.
by Charleyme June 3, 2010
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When an object/person is in a stationary position and gets shifted accidentally from that position by another object/person.
"I was just standing there, and I got stailed!"
by seltzersquid August 9, 2022
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