The act of refusing to communicate with someone.
Romm hasn't been talking to me lately. I think it's the silent treatment again.
by April Anne March 16, 2022
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when someone refuses to speak to you, just to be mean, even thought you ALREADY appologized and meant it.
Chandi: You're anime fanfics suck!
Geb: That hurts my feelings.
Chandi: I'm sorry. They're actually not bad.
Geb: *silent treatment*
Chandi: So... Bitter?
by p@$$ing thr.ugh August 28, 2010
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the silent treatment is usedon people that are disliked by the general population. this method induces and awkward silence that is hallarious the the people who are ignoring the offensive person. very funny method of making someone feel like, or infroming them that they are indeed and outsider.
(boomer enters the room)

Boomer: whats going onn guys?
Everyone else: ....(silence)
Boomer: what are you watching?
everyone else: ... (silence)

(Boomer leaves)

Everyone else: laughs histarically for a good 5 miniuts--they love the silent treatment
by CandyMan[LTK] January 23, 2006
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One who has mastered the art of suddenly ignoring friends without any discussion or explanation.
"My friend Tyler has ignored me and all my means of trying to contact him completely. I don't know what's wrong."

"Get used to it. Dude is a known silent-treatmenter."
by baffled and disgusted July 1, 2005
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Saying to someone "you don't matter" without saying it
"Mom, please just talk to me. Please."

Mom: ...silent treatment for days and days
by Witchywoman8899 June 6, 2022
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When you're sleeping over at a friends house, traveling, or spending time away from home and, because you wake up before everyone else and can't fall back asleep, you proceed to find a bathroom and masturbate in complete silence as not to wake the other people.
Dude, I regret to inform you that whilst you and everyone else were still sleeping, I gave myself the silent treatment in the bathroom.

Yeah so we went back to her house and she ended up passing out. So, the silent treatment was my only option.
by sorry, bro...but thanks January 6, 2011
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SNT: Silent Nigga Treatment. Otherwise, known as the action of a fuck nigga treating you like a dude and not like every other girl cause you don't show your desperation for him.
Wesley is giving me the silent nigga treatment today.
by Dirtydreams November 7, 2017
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