Staci is a Wonder and very passionate girl with guys going crazy after getting to know her. Has a cute butt, shy at first until later, a super smile that melts you and better not fall in love too quick or she'll panic out of it. Staci never had an easy life but has made the most out of it and takes pride of it. Men who are around her almost never notice her until they see how other guys crazy for her. Will take the easy way out because she lived a hard life, hard to love herself and super independent. Stand up for her family even if they don't do the same. Great mom or single mom with upright standards for her kids and will dump you if you lack certain manners or common sense. Heartless with the truth and may lie to not lose someone. Has bad commutation when it come with emotions, silent treatment is expected. Can be weird crazy and don't push her to having to react with anger, long-term its coming to you. Overall can be amazing, just stand your grounds with Staci. Just love her lots and she'll return the favor, super easy gal just don't BS
Bad ass Staci over there, she'll kick your ass with a dress and highhills. Still look good enough to go to the ball and won't lose sleep after
by AlwaysSecondBest October 18, 2018
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A country girl at heart,Sweet,outgoing,the "it" girl.The guys will love her and the girls will want to be her.She is the girl every one wants to be around.Party animal.Pretty. Great smile. Eyes that will drive you mad and a body that will drive you wild.
Wish I was a Staci.
Staci's are so perfect.
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Loyal, caring, sweet, intellectual girl that builds friendships with almost anyone;Will give you the shirt off her back;Loves anything that has to do with the beach, rain, shopping and sports.;She cries at the drop of a dime but she is also a thug;If you ever run into her make sure you never cross her because grudges is something she tends to hold.
I would love to take someone like Staci out some day .
by Staci Stac June 26, 2010
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awesome chic, boy lover, energetic, popular, smart, funny, the total package
her mom has it going on
Woah!! She is Awesome, she must be named Staci.
by Soccerchik February 8, 2009
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Girl who is a massive weeb yet tries to deny it. Kind-hearted but ego easily boosted by online comments. Bad at Minecraft (especially parkour) but thinks she is great. Good at... yeah. Struggles to communicate with strangers and often requires assistance in public from her very sociable friends. Calls other people annoying but doesn't realise how annoying she can be sometimes and refuses to own it. Sometimes goes on a ramble about random shower thoughts and doesn't stop. Lightweight and can't handle her drinks, becomes goofy and even more incapable of dancing.
Brad: "Look at that girl doing the worm. It must be Staci."

Nayat: "Why are you so bad at parkour compared to me. You're just like Staci."
by Goldcobra April 11, 2022
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She’s a big fucking slag. One of the most evil girls you could meet who looks for friendships and relationships just for materialistic shit. She has a high sex drive at the age of only 14. She argues with everyone because she’s so spoilt that she can’t do anything for herself.
Not today Staci, not today.”

“I think I’ve met Satan in real life, her name’s Staci.”
by WiseAssBiatch July 30, 2018
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