"Dam look at Big P's pimped out LTD II"
"Yea he's stackin Papers"

"Big P makes a Mili"
"He's stackin papers"
by pazzo527 December 22, 2011
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to stack wins by beating other teams severely.
Agoura High School Water Polo team is stackin' cheese this season!
by AHSPOLO October 27, 2006
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Term used for the amount of money also can be used for an amount of illegal products
Damn you’re stackin boiii nice tits, those are like a couple succulent pairs of ham.

(*whips out $5000)damn bro you’re stackin..
by You’reWife’sLover June 16, 2018
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The act of accumulating wealth by extraordinary legal or illegal means.
I was working the corner of 116th and Cicero last night, stackin' chips.
by BeckShow19 March 20, 2012
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Going to the casino to play craps for an extended amount of time. Usually used when you have been lucky and are winning alot of money, although not exclusively. This could also be used to describe a big gamer who cashes in for alot of chips at the cage or table.
James says to his friend Harry, "What did you do this weekend?" Harry replies, "I was stackin' chips at the Borgata in A.C. and getting mad crunk"
by Simon Cirasa October 27, 2005
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