Stackin’ Dreamz
Is when you set your mind to achieve multiple goals in life.
determined to turn your talents into success.

committed to making your dreams come true.
Person : I have spent half of my life committed to Stackin’ Dreamz.

BY: GiovanniDYMillyentei
by MillYentei DYSlick August 15, 2020
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To acquire large sums of cash and putting your bundles of cash in stacks.
I made so much money at the Walgreens after I got paid I was chip stackin'
by Kanye15 March 27, 2016
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Used as a compliment or observation for a funny person that causes many breaks in between telling jokes, because people keep laughing and cheering. When you are telling jokes and you get an Applause Break after Applause Break, you start Stakin' those Breaks.
I went to a stand up show and the guy was so funny. People kept laughing and clapping. I think he had an applause break that lasted over half a minute. He was Really Stackin Breaks in there.
by SmoothPBForLife March 4, 2018
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To get money! (Literally to stack cash.)
Robert has been stackin' paper since he opened up his own Pimpin' Agency.
by Donny Moore October 16, 2007
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Holding in your nut for extended period of time
Damn Andrew that was a big nut, were you nut stackin?
by Manunitedfan44 October 3, 2021
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1. To be making money, generally a lot of it.
2. To be on the clock at work.
3. Working in general

words are commonly placed in between stackin' and loot. the words are reversable as well. for example.
stackin' mad loot
stackin' crazy loot
stackin' some loot
stackin' that loot
loot stackin'
"What are you doin man?"
"Ohh i'm just at work for a while stackin' loot"

"Yo is that a good job?"
"Hell yeah son, I be stackin' mad loot at that place"

I've been loot stackin all day man, now it's time to unwind.
by sherLocke October 25, 2005
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the progression or accumulation of ones respect, props, and/or material neccessities such as crack, weed, heroin, or any other federaly controlled substance.
first im gonna stack some flow
than im gonna stack some mo'
stackin flow
by Chafin June 28, 2006
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