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The best sport in the world. Consisting of seven players per team. played like soccer/football in the water using only one hand at a time to handle the ball. Points recorded in scoring of a goal. Played in a 30 meter pool, 4 quarters with a duration of 7 minutes per quarter. Ball is the size of a volleyball and yellow. Also referred to as H20 Polo. First olympic team sport.
NO i don't swim, i play water polo. And yes we have to wear speedos.
by Book'em Dan-0 February 15, 2004
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The most physically and mentally challenging sport on Earth. Constant swimming keeps the body in great shape while the speed of the game itself trains reflexes and quick thinking. Water Polo in essence takes the most difficult aspects of soccer and football and puts them together in a 30 meter pool. The synergy of the physical and mental aspects of Water Polo creates one of the most pure and true sports in the world.
Dont like Water Polo? Thats ok, only true athletes can appreciate a real sport.
by Animal August 29, 2004
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Water polo is a sport played on by the quickest, stongest, smartest and best conditioned athletes. A water polo team consists of 7 mentally instable people (who in gods name would want to be putting breathing air second to the untimate goal of victory). The players in the pool consist of 6 field players and a goalie, each player relies on each one of his team mates. The object of the game would not only be to stay above the water while everyone is try to put you under, but to shoot the ball past the goalie and score. There are rules... when your on the surface of the water(which isn't often).Under the surface anything goes. Trying to shoot a ball with everyone and thier mother beating on you could prove to be a challenge. "Survival of the fitest" And just for the record, We are NOT swimmers.
Easy right? Lets see you try.
by GMSekulski March 20, 2005
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The best sport in the world. The sport real men play that requires strength and endurance. One of the hardest sport known to man. water polo players are the strongest people. All the chicks go for water polo guys. When people talk shit about it it's only because they can't do it themselves. One of the roughest sports ever.
Boy1: Dude I made the Basketball team!

Boy2: I made the Water Polo team.

Boy 1:(Speechless)

Boy: Hey, can you come to my baseball game.

Girl: Sorry, Watching the boys water polo game.
by Ingoman94 November 20, 2012
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Played by the most mentally unstable and physically tough bitches on earth, swimming in a suit 4 sizes too small, throwing around a hard yellow ball and trying to drown the other team.
Plays are usually twenty seconds long, max thirty, and then u have to sprint back on defense to help out goalie. When you're on offens you are constantly moving. When you are defending inside 5 meters, you foul the ball so they have to pass before a shot can be made, giving you an oppurtunity to either steal the ball or run down the shot clock.
The stamina of a marathon,
The strategy of chess,
The agility of soccer,
The injuries of kickboxing...
we're girls with balls.
by zookimer April 23, 2011
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