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The opposite of blue ball (see blue ball)
Man, Timmy's the duck's nuts when it comes to screwin' bitches.
by idunno March 10, 2004
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A series of books that are highly criticized by illiterate and utterly STUPID morons. No, Harry Potter is not a rip-off of LOTR. I'm reading LOTR now and they are different books.
Wow. I didn't know that stupidity exsisted at the level of the people who diss the books.
by idunno November 15, 2003
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a person dat chickn out of stuff
Adam Kuntz known as adam kunt is a fuckn kunt
by idunno April 9, 2004
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One who stabs.
"wow, george is good at stabbing peoplew with his knife"
"Yeah, he's a pretty good stabber!"
by idunno September 24, 2003
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A little boy on south park sporting a baby blue jacket and a dollup of yellow hair.
"don't look at butter's shlong gaymo!"
by idunno September 15, 2003
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A girl who is all about her coins, like a Kardashian. Who is always in the trap (wherever she works) getting money.
Monique is always getting money she's definitely a Trapdashian .
by idunno December 31, 2016
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