Stupid, stupid asshole. The redundancy of the word "stupid" is critical as the phrase was coined by a complete and utter loser (SSA, if you will) while trying to articulate the names his wife called him. I quote: "She calls me stupid, stupid and sometimes even ASSHOLE!" SSA's are typically oblivious to their imbecilic rants, but everyone around them is well aware of their chronic, idiotic existence.
My ex is a middle-aged, perpetually unemployed, chain-smoking alcoholic. What an SSA!
by SSA's ex-wife June 29, 2010
Stupid Single And Sassy

A girl must obtain all 3 of these qualities before she is considered a ssas masta. Being a ssas masta is a great honor to uphold and you must uphold it with pride. This honor is not given out to just anyone, the girls friends must second her opinion on being rewarding with this honor. A ssas masta, otherwise pronounced sass master, must be the stupid-ess of the stupid, the single-ess of the singles and the sassy-ess of the sassy of all her friends. The ssas masta award receiver must accept the award without any complaint because clearly her friends think she sis something worthy enough to receive this honor.
Girl 1: Hey did you see that single girl being really sassy to that worker and asking really stupid questions?
Girl 2: Ya she is definitely a ssas masta.
Girl 1: Ya we should totally give her the ssas awward.
by SASS MASTA April 16, 2011
Significant Spousal Agro (SSA). When a spouse becomes significantly angry at their partner.

Is usually directed at the partner following extended time playing video games and commonly includes 'the silent treatment', comments of "it's fine" (totally NOT fine) and other passive-aggressive moves aiming to force the partner to stop the activity which is causing the anger.
Can't play tonight sorry lads, SSA.
by Emtee-Arugal December 3, 2019
An SSOG that is the center of the party and has almost completed her kiss list.
Rather than yelling at April for marking every guy at the party, Kenzie congratulated SSA.
by SSOG August 1, 2009
Standard School Attire ((uniform)) usually consisting of a polo and dress pants.
by I R----Gabby June 22, 2009
"Man, LittleKuriboh's work is ssa"
"Have you seen Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series? It's ssa."
"TheModernHyrulian is ssa."
by TheModernHyrulian September 22, 2008
A crappy school that is full of BEAUTIFUL kids and people who aren’t ASSHOLES. Everything here is broken including doors. And Alex is a asshole
“Ssas is fucked
by Dweller September 24, 2019