1) One who defeats another; a victor.
2) An expert of a certain skill.
3) A worker qualified to teach apprentices.
4) A person who is above the status of a master.
1) I am the loser and he is the masta.
2) He is a masta of the sword.
3) That person is a masta who trains others.
4) MaStA ViC is considered a masta.
by Undisqualified January 12, 2005
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Exceeds master; one who is way above the status of master
Brian is the masta
by Captain B October 30, 2003
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The way slaved refered to their slavemasters
Yes Masta!
by Killa Casper May 30, 2004
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1.The epitomy of superior, a step beyond master.
2.Ghetto spelling of 'master'
1. Yo dawg, yo da Masta
2. Dang, my headmasta is real dookie
by Masta J June 6, 2004
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A member of the iconic Staten Island hip hop group Wu Tang Clan. At the group's inception, he was a relatively inexperienced rapper, and was tutored by GZA, another Wu Tang member. His contribution to "Da Mystery of Chess-Boxing" from behind bars has become legendary, and he is generally considered to be one of the more underrated members of the Clan. He has released two solo albums, being the last Wu Tang member to do so, and both were received positively by critics.
Masta Killa is an underrated but talented member of Wu Tang.
by djbb September 5, 2007
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A emcee from Brookyln who first appeared on the song "The Symphony" back in 88, does a lot of work with wordsworth, his best song is "beatiful", its the jam, he is a great lyricist
Humphrey: damn masta ace is a hella good lyricist

Bo Bo: word.

by eschmeezee July 29, 2006
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A member of the Wu-Tang Clan. First appeared in the song "Da mistery of chessboxin'" and he was the lates of the Clan members to release a solo album.
Evidence indicates that's it's stature
Merciless like a terrorist hard to capture
The flow, changes like a chameleon
Plays like a friend, and stabs you like a dagger
This technique attacks the immune system
Disguised like a lie paralyzin the victim

- Masta killa, "Da mistery of chessboxin'"
by dan.thunder August 15, 2005
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