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1) One who defeats another; a victor.
2) An expert of a certain skill.
3) A worker qualified to teach apprentices.
4) A person who is above the status of a master.
1) I am the loser and he is the masta.
2) He is a masta of the sword.
3) That person is a masta who trains others.
4) MaStA ViC is considered a masta.
by Undisqualified January 12, 2005
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1.The epitomy of superior, a step beyond master.
2.Ghetto spelling of 'master'
1. Yo dawg, yo da Masta
2. Dang, my headmasta is real dookie
by Masta J June 06, 2004
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Exceeds master; one who is way above the status of master
Brian is the masta
by Captain B October 29, 2003
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