Wether you're gay, bi, joking, or confused after seeing this, you searched this on Urban Dictionary so you know it's sexual.

It's also ass backwards.
You prolly know what it means if you searched Urban Dictionary.

"Did you know ass backwards is SSA?" *Chuckles*
by fuck off nosy ass prick June 14, 2021
To refer to a girl who is smart and has a big booty, hence the "ssa" (backwards of this spells "ass") part of the ssa postulate.

A girl who is an SSA postulate is most likely worth hanging around with because she can help you in ways more than one.
Half-Nerd 1: Remember that girl last night from our study hangout?
Nerd 2: Ah, yeah, what about her?
Half-Nerd 1: She is such an SSA postulate!

Nerd 2: {tries to recall the definition of "SSA postulate" from urban dictionary} Well, I haven't looked her over yet.
Half-Nerd 1: You gotta, she is *so* worth it!
Nerd 2: Is it more how she looks or her smarts?
Half-Nerd 1: uh...
*To Be Continued*

by a memer from geometry class November 13, 2017