The kind of girl whose eyes light up when someone starts to tell a story. Usually heard repeating these 3 phrases over and over: "story of my life" "basically" and "i'm just saying!" (sooner or later, you WILL say them too.) Believed to be the originator of incredible story telling. She literally has a story for everything. Yes, everything! Most importantly, the kind of girl who NEVER gives up. On anyone.
Have you met Alyssa? Her story basically changed my life. I'm just saying.
by singforme August 18, 2009
Everyone’s idol, best person you will ever meet. Best person to vc with that will actually talk. Their music taste is amazing and modern and it’s good to let that person use the aux. Spends most of their time playing Genshin Impact for milfs, dilfs and Kaeya and talking on shitty discord servers. Can’t make friends. Cool and hot af and still a virgin.
-Hey you act like vane(a)ssa
-Yeah man I want to loose my virginity to a milf on the kitchen counter.
-damn bro
by vane(a)ssa April 13, 2021
Ssa Oop oop is "Poo poo ass" Backwards! Have fun saying this without anyone Knowing what it means!
person 1: Look at his ssa oop oop
person 2: HAHAHA
Person with the ssa oop oop: What the hell are they saying?
by KPOP FANGIRL November 19, 2020
Pronounced: SAah-Buhne
Ssa boon is a fortnite term originated by KxNGNaRCo - fortnite - meaning a noob ass nigga. Also another word used to cuss into your mic when parents are listening.
by Hoppi.ta.Krak.Hed November 3, 2018
To refer to a girl who is smart and has a big booty, hence the "ssa" (backwards of this spells "ass") part of the ssa postulate.

A girl who is an SSA postulate is most likely worth hanging around with because she can help you in ways more than one.
Half-Nerd 1: Remember that girl last night from our study hangout?
Nerd 2: Ah, yeah, what about her?
Half-Nerd 1: She is such an SSA postulate!

Nerd 2: {tries to recall the definition of "SSA postulate" from urban dictionary} Well, I haven't looked her over yet.
Half-Nerd 1: You gotta, she is *so* worth it!
Nerd 2: Is it more how she looks or her smarts?
Half-Nerd 1: uh...
*To Be Continued*

by a memer from geometry class November 13, 2017
A word for "ass" in Roblox, because if you actually say it It'll be "###"
I'm gonna kick your ssa
by appleslobbers March 26, 2022
“Ryan is so autism
Fax buddy has SSA”
by Baby money Wrld October 19, 2022