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A group of Macromedia Flash artists and programmers sprung from the intentionally bad work of strawberry clock, whose blatantly bad movies on Newgrounds caused some viewers to resent him, and some viewers to somewhat ironically love him. The latter group of viewers became the Clock Crew. While their root was in producing more trashy, dumb Flash movies for the sake of pissing people off, the Clock Crew has evolved into a talented group of artists capable of excellent, humorous flash--although some of it continues to put out intentional crap. Although the Clock Crew recognizes StrawberryClock as its leader, he is, in fact, somewhat detached and rather oblivious to the group that he formed.
"Oh, God, not another Clock Crew Flash. BLAM!"
"Dude, did you even watch the movie? It's hilarious!"
"No, all Clock Flash is fricking retarded."
by VCRClock September 09, 2005
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noun; A group of flash artists that often use characters with clocks as faces in their animation. Their flash movies generally are found on They are led by their king Strawberry Clock whom is famous for his great masterpiece "B". This single piece of art has been the inspiration for many members of Newgrounds to become clocks as well as a group of clock haters and Clock haters whom are dedicated to the destruction of Clock Crew. In the wake of the Clock Crew have been groups such as the Lock Leigon.
The Clock Crew has the viewers within their grasp.
by Redneck D February 22, 2004
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A group of flash animators. They animate different objects (usually fruits) with clocks on them. The clockcrew is a flash community and usually crate movies about the NG user 'strawberryclock' aka 'coolboyman'.

Strawberryclock deliberatley submitted terrible flash movies to the NG flash portal, thus making him very unpopular at the time.

But then, three new users to have 'clock' in their username's apeared, OrangeClock, AppleClock, and RaspberryClock. They came as a surprise, even to strawberryclock but these new clocks continued to make movies praising sbc and calling him 'king of the portal'.

There was a huge backlash against the clocks and many users made 'anti-clock' movies which were almost all terrible, even worse than the clcok movies themselves. But instead of retaliating, the clocks just continued making movies and replied to hating NG reviews with polite replies.

The clockcrew has come through many ups and downs, but has come up through all adversity and hate, and has produced some of the very best movies on newgrounds, including '21 clock street: the movie (1 and 2)', 'bananna beard' and 'the void' series.

The clockcrew is probabley the first real flash community and has spawned many more, such as the star syndicate and the lock legion.
"did you see that clockcrew flash on the front page? It's been a while."
by Crustclock July 17, 2005
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A group of flash movie artists whose idea was based around a wordNewgrounds/word
figure named Strawberry Clock.
Did you see that new Clock Crew movie? It ruled!
by Falconrath August 09, 2003
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The greatest group of Flash artist know to the human race, though they had a war with the LockLegion before, the power of "B" has brought them together. The ClockCrew all follow in the footsteps of StrawberryClock, king of the portal.
The ClockCrew is fucking 1337!!!
by Church October 20, 2003
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The Clocks are a large group of animators over 1000 and rising. They follow a Clock member known as Strawberry Clock the so called king of the Clocks. The Clocks speak very highly of themselves yet out of there large group there is only 13 percent of them who make quality cartoons.
by Norman Smiley January 15, 2004
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Clock crew is a group of flash artists that originated from newgrounds. The "leader" of the clock crew is Strawberryclock, but has been inactive for a while, the current head of the clock crew is Leekclock
did you see the new flash by the clock crew?
yeah, it freaking rocked!!!
by Malteseclock October 26, 2005
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