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To squish with ur Squishee. It can mean anything from something dirty and sexy to something totally innocent such as hanging out, smiling, or being squishy in general. However acquiring someone to call squishee(which is needed to actually squish with) is a hard task. This is because they have to be totally amazing and be able to squish whenever!
Whats up squishee? Are u squishin today? You know thats right im totally squishin!
by Holliepop and Johnny K December 02, 2007
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1. A verb: havaing intercourse with an extremely unattractive person, referred to as a squish. This type of sex is passionless and usually involves putting a bag over the "squish's" head.
I need to shower immediately. I was squishin last night and I feel disgusting!
by indiana02genius February 04, 2010
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a term used for when a girl gets instantly wet over something or someone in real life or in a movie/tv show.

Man, Im squishin now that Brad is here. (female)

Yeah, when I walk in bitches be squishin'. (male)

Oh damn! Squish! (female)

by micvin August 04, 2008
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