When a person, male or female, tends to stroke your penis until you get off. Otherwise known as a handjob. It is another way to have someone else masturbate you when you really do not want to have sex.
Last night Sarah asked me, "Can I jack you off? So, I said "sure".
"Wow, I really would love to jack you off, baby!"
by Thotcrates September 25, 2016
A term people use to describe the act of a woman jerking off a guy and then proceeds to do one of two things:

- put the semen in her mouth (SHE WILL ONLY DO THIS FOR ATTENTION)
- stroke her vagina across the semen
Michael: Okay, babe. Let's do the, you know...
Beth: Oh, do I get to jack you off?
Michael: Yep! But mouth, not vagina I plan to leave you tomorrow not in 18 years.
by CrazyChixo September 25, 2016
The term ised in the act of two horny tansgender women start jerking each others dicks off
Yo Big Stuff, let me jack you off real quick.
by JOHNNYUSA13 September 25, 2016
Saying used when someone says something you don’t believe in. Referencing slang for male masterbation.
Ryan - Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.
Jake - Are you jacking me off?
Ryan - Bro , there is so much evidence
by jakezeller January 9, 2020