noun; a wet fart

verb; the act of ripping a wet fart
Russell, trying to be a funny man, went to blow a fart in Hurley's face but ended up with a squidge in his britches.

Mikey laughed so hard that he squidged his pants.

After butt hole surgery, Gerard suffered many a squidge.
by NCKnobster September 07, 2011
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a titch over a smidgen, but slightly less than a finger.
Move your line a squidge to the left, there lad. That's it, right there!
by bricklen April 01, 2005
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a person with a button nose or very cute nose. like a nose you just want to squeeze and bite.
Lauren is such a squidge, woohoo that nose!
by August 27, 2009
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When a cat stretches and claws the area where its about to sleep. Like people fluff a pillow before they lay down.
The only thing Smokey does all day is squidge the bed!
by Ingabish January 28, 2006
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Someone left a towel in my bathroom covered in squidge, which I then violently rubbed on my face.
by Bloodysock June 29, 2009
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The excess, squishy, hard-to-get-rid-of fat on a woman's thighs or lower abdomen.
Damn! I gained 5 lbs. of squidge over the holidays!
by LaRubia66 January 02, 2011
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VERY LOW quality cannabis resin product that sometimes comes wrapped in a red Transparent plastic and called Red seal.
The product is a designed to look like Manarlywhich is a very high quality product made by 'rotting' weed underground for many weeks.As cannabis is a plant it liquidises as it starts to rot.The final product is a black gooey mes that gets mixed up with some high quality buds to form a twiggy dough.This stuff is unbelievably sticky and sometimes is dotted with small patches of white mold which sometimes gets passed off as 'templeball' which is one of the rarest forms of resin on the planet.
Due to the average ambient temperature in the uk (bloody cold)Manarly becomes very solid and very hard to work with not to mention expensive to import + due to the fact the decomposition process has already started the product has a VERY short shelf life.
Eventually some bright spark discovered a plant local to the uk with narcotic properties who's extracted resin was still sticky in the uk climate. This was Wild Lettuce. The extracted an purified product is know as lettuce opium.
'Squidgy black' or just 'black' as its sometimes called should be made by mixing lettuce opium with ground up cannabis but as wild lettuce is hard to find these days people have taken to mixing cannabis and bananas to produce a similar but even lower grade of resin.
The surprising thing is that most users of cannabis still think its a high quality product and usually jump at the chance to buy some. The suppliers sometimes spray gold or silver car paint over the kilo block and call it GoldSeal or SilverSeal.Who knows what smoking metallic car paint can do to your lungs!!
Due to one of the ways it can be manufactured the kilo blocks can come with a 'golfball' like pattern pressed into the surface and subsiquently gets given the name GolfBallBlack or just golfball.

Its all JUST packaging its all LOW grade its all the SAME.

The simple truth is its to cold in the UK to have soft cannabis resin so if your in the uk and you have soft black then im affraid you've been stitched!
"what are you smoking?"
"me to,i got some RedSeal, what you got?"
"Fuck that redseal shite i payed extra and got the gold seal. and i got a bit of the gold on to, everyone knows thats the strongest part..."

(..i wonder why they call it dope!)
by UK_SouthWest_Snowy January 08, 2006
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