14 definitions by k8

when you talk about amorous pursuits online
"JKREW was constantly cockblogging and no one believed him"
by k8 February 4, 2005
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some one who suck dick usually 2 more dan one person
She gave head 2 five in a line, shes a dirty nosher
by k8 November 4, 2003
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A way of saying beautiful. Spoken in a shrill, posh voice.
Yah ah sah byah-tah-fahl!!!!!

Thank yah! Sah ah yahhhh!
by k8 May 5, 2004
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Used as a replacement for yes, of course, blatently, i agree, why not or anything in the affirmative.
GW Bush should so be kicked out of the White House...blates!

Oh yeah, blates!
by k8 May 5, 2004
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First big Irish boyband of the 1990s, comprising Ronan, Steve, Shane, Mikey and Keith.
Have been ripped off by the far inferior Westlife.
Ronan now a crappy solo artist
Steve happy and gay
Keith on a Soap
Shane racing cars
I have boyzone CD's hidden under my bed
by k8 May 3, 2004
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Often used when insulting someone, as a comeback.
"you cracka imma bust a cap in yo ass"
"Do you kiss jo mamma with those lips nigga?"
by k8 August 6, 2004
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"so how was his..?"
"garg. midgit"
"should have known"
by k8 February 22, 2005
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