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What my wife has won prizes for at the local flower show.
'wonderful display of herpes there!'
by Igg December 19, 2004

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A rag that used to be a toy hedgehog with a squeak. Lacks stuffing. Limbs are hanging off buy threads. The owner believes squeaky is a living being with feelings and thoughts.
P├ęter: You made squeaky upset! Say sorry to squeaky!
by Igg August 16, 2003

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Teenage girl, paler than it is possible to believe. Also goes by the name of Kirsty Young
HEy Kirky Turd!
by Igg July 15, 2003

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verb, to hug
*higs Mat*
by Igg August 26, 2003

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Butt Floss. like knickers, but the ass bit is a thin bitt of material that disappears up your crack. Popular with teenage males.
1. Do you wear thongs?
2. What a ho, look at that thong
by Igg July 15, 2003

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