Another name for the Carolina squat, the front of the truck is in the air likes it's taking a shit on the squatty potty
"hey look at that truck there"

"it looks like it's on the squatty potty
by holy malards September 13, 2021
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Sex Position: guy sitting on toilet taking a poop while the girl is on top reverse cowgirl.
My favorite position is the squatty potty. Really helps with my constipation!”
by Billy Bob Barley March 31, 2021
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It’s that thing when you sit on the toilet and to have good posture, two midgets crouch on the bathroom floor and you put your feet on their heads.
Yo I’m going to this this stall, it’s got a human squatty potty. Great for your posture, dude.
by I trademark ™ November 13, 2018
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