A term used by all branches of the United States military services to describe one whose performance is even with or above satisfactory level, and that has continued such performance consistantly for an extended period of time. Alternately, this term may be applied to objects, placed, events, or generally anything that presents a high level of military order and discipline.
"Damn, private, you are squared away."
"By the time
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 7, 2004
v. 1. to finish a project or job. 2. To tidy up an area. orig. military. used by people who are hard for The Guard.
Well, boys, just get those PM's squared away, and you can get early liberty.
by theunknowngl October 17, 2004
When you gets to 4 o'clock and your boss looks around at a pile of rubble he's just made and says "Alright let's have a square away," you diligently sweep it up only for him to make more mess as he looks busy for the last half hour when the punter turns up.

Can also be used as a mild threat muttered under one's breath.
Jack, can you square away that plaster?

Shut up Joe, I'll square you away!

At the end of the day, square it away.
by whittal's winkle picker August 2, 2017
Naval term for the mythical sailor who has his shit together.
That bilge snip is AJ Squared Away
by Atomic Johnny March 29, 2005
This phrase describes an individual or act that is highly regarded; that is very much on top of things; that exhibits the utmost attention to detail and discipline. Typically heard in the United States Army and other branches.
"Private you are squared the fuck away, do you know that?.....Men, I love a squared away fucking private..."
by Phantasos June 27, 2009