Squadouche means zero, zip, nada, nothing, perhaps even less than nothing.
"So I've been out on 5 dates with this chick, I figured I would've gotten laid by now. I haven't even gotten a kiss yet. I got the big squadouche with this girl!
by Big Cali December 9, 2006
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I bet you off your (poker) hand when all I held was squadouche.
by XxPRAXISxX February 5, 2008
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A term used to refer to huge douchebags. Usually used in reference to a guy that completely sucks to the point that he has surpassed doucheness. He will usually have gelled hair and a shirt unbuttoned three-five buttons.
So I was talking to this chick and this total squadouche came and interrupted. All he talked about was his new fuckin hair cut and taking yager bombs.
by ssi_bulldawg November 8, 2007
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A tool, nerd, nebbish, or otherwise annoying fellow.
When my colleague advised me to bring my satchel to the client's offices, I thought to myself, "What a squadouche that guy is. Who uses the word 'satchel?'"
by Rock Rogers December 15, 2005
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nothing, in a bad way

A combination of squat+douche
"I've got squadouche." (my poker hand resulted in nothing)

"What are you doing?" "Squadouche"
(like on a Friday night when you are at home being lame because you have nothing better to do)
by kristy1076 January 30, 2009
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