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Loads of stiff cocked gentlemen ejaculating at the same time most commonly observed at an orgy or a group of teenagers gathering to watch filth smug whilst skiving school.
Lets all skive and go round garys drum,watch filth and have a spunkfest.
by Cifco July 28, 2015
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A pack of randy guys with stiff cocks about to either watch or engage in porn
I've got a filth movie,who fancies a mas wanking spunkfest at my drum after footy
by Cifco August 19, 2015
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A when a group of people ejaculate over each other and dance around covered in semen.
We all climbed into the hot tub and wanked each other off. It was a total spunkfest!
by spunkfester August 25, 2017
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