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Loads of stiff cocked gentlemen ejaculating at the same time most commonly observed at an orgy or a group of teenagers gathering to watch filth smug whilst skiving school.
Lets all skive and go round garys drum,watch filth and have a spunkfest.
by Cifco July 28, 2015

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A pack of randy guys with stiff cocks about to either watch or engage in porn
I've got a filth movie,who fancies a mas wanking spunkfest at my drum after footy
by Cifco August 19, 2015

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A crowd of people all grinding like rabbits.
At one point 20 people were shagging ,it was like a spunkfest.
by Cifco August 05, 2015

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A common name for an Indian lesbian
Minjeeta needs to be dragged off ranjit love tunnel
by Cifco October 20, 2015

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Shaven nut sack
Shaved my balls to fuck man,they are as smooth as baby chicks.
by Cifco September 06, 2015

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To suck on the clitoris,
To munch minge,
Pig out on pussy.
She's such a randy wench,there's nuffin' she luvs more than me( sucking)her (bean). To suck on clitoris. Bean sucker-to suck clitoris
by Cifco January 12, 2018

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An individual who appears slightly smelly, slightly unkempt, and slightly common
He looks like a right spicy mingmut
by Cifco May 15, 2016

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