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A sickeningly rich beach town in central New Jersey. Characteristics include ridiculously expensive homes, loads of money, and a largely preppy lifestyle. Has some of the most exclusive houses and estates in New Jersey, all of which are priced at well over a million dollars and have either a poolhouse or guesthouse. Looks like a town out of a movie. Full of amazingly hot catholic girls. The only thing the elitists in Spring Lake are good at is keeping out the tourist scum bennies that come from north jersey and new york out by charging an arm and a leg for beach passes.
The uptight rich girls in Spring Lake won't put out, so we'll have to drive to Belmar to get some from the New Yorkers tonight.
by CMN October 03, 2006
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A beachtown in NJ where no house goes for under a million and it will be torn down and a house that takes up the whole lot will replace it. Home to the incredibly rich. The waves suck the longboarders will steal them from you. Any party ends up with some one real drunk. It's stuck in the mid 50's. The mothers here are like rabbits they have like 8-10 kids a year. There are some very hot girls. Historically the Irish rivera and Catholic.
"I am from Spring Lake." "oh you must be rich"
" I was surfing in springlake and those old longboarders didn't let one wave pass by.
by el frito burrito February 24, 2006
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a small town in michigan.

population: small
things to do: in the winter there is a local ski hill that many residents frequent called mulligans hollo.
in the summer you can enjoy the many lakes and bayous , including lake michigan.
team: the lakers wooooooooo!
guy 1: dude lets go to florida man!

guy2: screw that im goin to spring lake

guy 1: ehhhhhhhhhhhhh
by chives86 August 06, 2008
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All Irish, trump supporting, racists. They’re all catholic and insanely rich. If anyone from spring lake says they’ve had it hard, they’re delusional. They’re all white and think st.patricks day is a real holiday. Also the beach smells like bad, unclean, vagina.
Person 1: ew! What is that awful smell??
Person 2: sorry I just came back from spring lake beach.
Person 1: don’t talk to me until you shower that Irish bullshit off of your body
by Peen fiend November 06, 2018
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