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A moderate-sized suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Approx. 28,000 residents. 90% of which who are above the age of 65. This would explain the ever-declining population. Could also be considered a very boring town in which there is nothing to do but smoke pot and sit around all day.
1. What, you live in Fridley? wtf, only old people live there
2. Hey, there's shit else to do... let's go smoke a bowl.
by x_- April 30, 2006
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A sub-urb of Minneapolis, MN, which is located near Columbia Heights and Spring Lake Park. All three of which has a rival school called TOTINO GRACE!!!
You live in Fridley right? Yeah... Why?
Just wondering.... Totino Grace stinks doesnt it....???
by kill your cows December 22, 2008
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A fair sized sub-urb of Minneapolis, Minnesota home about 28,000 residents, and one of the worst school systems in the area. The main demographic is little bitches who complain about being next to Columbia Heights becuase they think it's "the ghetto". Known activities of fridley residents are smoking weed they bought with their parents money and playing HALO.
I sure hope no scary Heights people come into Fridley, they would probably mug me.

I'm not retarded, I was edumacated in fridley
by Nobody You Know About December 04, 2006
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I threw the fridley down the stairwell and it went "splat!"
by Monte Monte January 30, 2007
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