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A Town in at the Jersey Shore, Monmouth County. Can also be described as Central Jersey. Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band was located on 10th ave and E Street in Belmar. The Song 10th Ave Freezeout was about the house on 10th Ave. Belmar is not realized as a freindly town due to the high levels of tourism. Usuall tourists are Guidos. Club scences, loud cars, and the Italian Flag are distinqishable features of the Town. Belmar is refered to as B town.
If you want to go to the Beach, follow the Garden State Parkway until you get to exit 98 and you will see a sign for Belmar. That is a good spot to rest at. Vinny and Geno had a great time there.
by Lawn Gnome October 25, 2007
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An upstate cesspool populated by aging hipsters who live with their parents, professional DJs and other "artists", cokeheads, underachievers, self-absorbed (for no discernible reason) posers, alcoholics, drug addicts and losers. This is the place to go if you want to end up on welfare, with kidney failure, on an anti-viral cocktail, or if you have failed at every other juncture in life, an identity. If you kiss the owner's son's gigantic ass, you may end up with a temporary job, which granted is not easy to come by in the wasteland that is Binghamton, and the gratifying sense that a bunch of chronically aimless, unattractive, age-inappropriate, talentless wannabes think you are "cool". IMPORTANT: This sense of coolness and accomplishment will never be correlated by the outside world so it is crucial that you NEVER LEAVE THE BELMAR.
It's wing night at the Belmar.
by awesome101 January 18, 2008
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aka the ghetto. straight up dump. but everyone loves us and wants to be us. heights sucks.
"your from belmar?"
"helllllzzz yes the btownnn"
"have you ever been shot?"
by ithinkyouknow June 12, 2008
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