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An adverb related to the female homo-sapien species to describe the "state of being stressed out" and never relaxing. Often when the mood is calm and there appears to be nothing wrong, a “sprich” will occur causing a chain reaction of nervous tension and stress resulting in loud words and a state of confusion.

Sprich can also be used in place of "always being right" and never listening to reason because blonde and beautiful vetoes all other opinions. A “sprich” can be identified when someone challenges the decision or opinion of another and triggers multiple negative responses (thumping of feet, erratic actions, screaming in frustration, walking away, and other emotional responses).

A “sprich” action also results in confused behavior of forgetfulness and at times complete inaccurate statements followed by irrational reasoning. This inaccurate defending of reason continues until the inaccurate statement becomes a reality in the mind of the individual having a “sprich” moment.
male: Honey, I am going out with my friends tonight.

female: Why do you want to leave me? You don't love me anymore. Fine, go with your stupid friends, I don't care.

male: Don't be such a sprich now, I can't take it!
by George April 06, 2005
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