Sprag: To "sprag" on someone means to tell someone of higher authority that they did something bad. For example, in school, you tell your teacher that Matt threw that paper aeroplane in her cup 'o' coffee, or tell your boss that Matt threw the blueprints the mansion he was building in a fire.
Matt: *Rolls up a paper ball, then puts it in his blowdart* See how you like this... *he blows the mini paper ball directly in the teachers eye*
Mr.Teacher: WHO DID THAT??!!!
Slime: Uhh sir, it was that child over there. *Points towards Matt*
Matt: *while walking past Slime* Slime you sprag!
by Matt_the_slime_slayer June 21, 2016
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verb: East Yorks, England

To report someone to the authority for a michievous or forbidden act.
"Where's Jim?"
"He's in hiding from Sir cos John spragged he set off the fire alarm."
by conciliation March 26, 2009
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n. the grossest thing ever.

adj. exuding grossness in all things; disgusting;
You smell like shit sprags!

Ew. You're so sprags!

by sprags von sprags August 22, 2008
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Also see "Sprage" or "Sprague" or "Sprauge"

Usually in reference to a penis covered in feces.
"After we were done having anal sex, i had a sprag."
by asslicker109demonballs June 29, 2013
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