A once popular tv show. After the third season of the show and the movie. The show went down at a 90 degree angle like the episode "rock bottom"

seasons 1-3: Funny episodes. Funny jokes. Even adults laugh to it. This couldve made up for all of the shows nickelodeon cancelled.

The movie: Graphic changes. Spongbob appeared in an unusual yellow. His voice also changed. He also became a little more immature, with unusual humor.

Season 4: apparently, steven hillenburg left. The show started downsloping. They changed his voice to an annoying higher pitched voice. They also made patrick more of a dumbass.

The rest of them: the new producers completely shrunk the size of his genitalia. He turned into a spineless pussy who is curious for men like patrick. They completely wrongfully stereotyped teenagers; some of them looked like 2 year olds, and some had that gay preppy voice (i.e. That is just soo totally weird). They completely ruined the only good show on nickelodeon. They aimed at the entertainment for toddlers.
little boy: ow my gosh spongebob is so funny.
Me: you will grow up to be gay.
by ironmaiden8667 June 26, 2010
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cum on a sponge, wait til it gets rock hard then bash someone in the back of the head
My home economics teacher gave me an F, so i offered to do the dishes after school and stole the sponge and snuck up on her and bashed her head in with a spongebob and gave myself an A then after gave her an ear cream pie.
by creamsoduh October 16, 2007
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To get head from a woman while she's soaping you up in the shower.
"Man, I got a great Sponge Bob last night!"
by Lara111 September 14, 2007
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The act of taking a razor blade and cutting multiple holes into a large box that often resembles a figure like spongebob. The person then draws eyes and a mouth and proceeds to ejaculate through all of the holes of the box.
Did you seem when mike posted a video of his spongebob! He was so drunk!
by It'sjustaprankbro September 09, 2013
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A cartoon sponge, the main character of the Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants. He is also my hero.

Spongebob really isn't gay, because he really isn't real. He's just a cartoon, for Pete's sake! Okay, I admit that some of the things he does are a bit gayer than other cartoon characters, but it's just supposed to make people laugh! It isn't trying to send the message of: Spongebob, the fictional cartoon sponge, is really a homosexual!!!!!!!!!
Jerk: Hey, did you see the new episode of Spongebob? He is soooo gay!!
Me: Wow. You idiot.
by FunkyLlama May 30, 2009
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a yellow laughing sponge that lives under the sea
who works at the krust crab and likes to jelly fish, also one of my favortie cartoons untill new episodes began to make him dummer, and more violent.
Hey did you watch spongebob last night?
by rckitlow November 20, 2009
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The SpongeBob
The 'SpongeBob' look, taken from the the character name and American animated T.V series/ Media Franchise,'SpongeBob SquarePants'.It is used best to describe someone who has a square shaped upper body with no waist, but very skinny legs. Hot on the heals of the Muffin Top due to the low rise jeans explosion. This is a look that should be avoided at all costs!
"you have such fantastic legs..but that outfit makes you look a bit SpongeBob.."
"Those metallic leggings are fierce!!..but the jumper on top makes you look too SpongeBob!"
The SpongeBob is NEVER a good look ladies (or gents).
by Miss Marvel November 16, 2006
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