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The Main Line is full of rich, white, jews who drive there fucking BMWs and go out to eat every night. I live on the Main Line. I have been living there since the summer of '99 and I have grown to hate everybody there.

These fuckos think they can do whatever they want because they are jews. When I'm walking somewhere and I see one of these rich fucks I see them looking at me like I'm poor. If you live on the main...go to hell. If you want to live on the main line...you go problems.
by Bearded Abe February 27, 2005
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when your fuck a person that is over 60 years old. like your grandmother or an old babysitter or something.
Person 1: dude i fucked our babysitter.
Person 2: dude she was in her 60s.
Person 1: we were in LOVE!!!!
Person 2: haha you had an old fuck.
by Bearded Abe March 5, 2005
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according to the chruch: Spongebob is gay. what the fuck took them so long. he has the gayist voice, and everything that the show does he gay. now im no homophobe but the church took a long time to say that spongebob is a gay. Im jewish and even I know that spongebob is gay.

u know what?? spongebob is the antichrist.
spongebob is the antichrist and theres nothing we can do about it.
by Bearded Abe March 2, 2005
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1. girls who usually get gang banged by 10 black guys.

2. rich white jewish girlz with everything they ever wanted

3. what you're not
1. the gurls you see walking with a limp

2. the girls from lower merion high school

3. well everybody else execpt you and you and you
by Bearded Abe March 6, 2005
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i like to think that america has both sets of reproduction organs. Flordia is the Penis, cock, wang, whatever you want to call it. Rhode Island is its Clit, small women penis, fun to flcik back and forth, or whatever you want to call it.
America is like anyone who lives in a trailer park in Alabama.
by Bearded Abe March 23, 2005
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