A verb used to describe when someone is doing something that is rather unexpected of them, but still epic. For example, someone would be spogging if they listen to Juice WRLD and they are normally the type of person that has never listened to rap before
Akini was SPOGGING when he got a B+ on the chem midterm. .
by Carcraftz October 1, 2020
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An absolute fricking spagbole who is mentally special and wants to suck on everyone’s toes
Ben you utter spog

Ben- “No u!”
by The Flames Of Doom January 25, 2019
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gi' us sum spogs yer tight twat.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
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Our first in command god. Spog is a purple and orange dragon who has been crowned as the god of our luxurious and grassy lands. Spog is often seen alongside the rest of the crew. Spog's friends include but are not limited to Bub, Whensley, and Dippity Doo.
person 1: Who is your favourite god of ours?
person 2: Spog, he is the most powerful of them all!
by Leader Of The Children Of Spog December 31, 2021
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spider crossed with a dog. agility of a spider, loyalty of a dog.
Dan moves like a spog.
by Dan Bouffard November 20, 2008
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A slang word for a boiled sweet, possibly a Yorkshire (England) term.
Mummy, can I have some spogs after school?
by Miss VT March 9, 2009
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To eat, kiss or vape
james i just spoged sophie! -kiss

hey james, pass the spogger -vape

james ive are you ready to spog this pizza -food
by bobby scrob June 10, 2022
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