To release flatulance from one's anus.
Omg shane, wtf did you just split ass???
by AwsomeAl December 09, 2007
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When a woman has sex so much that her junk is loose; Also a female that is butt ugly.
Man, that girl is so split.
by Brenton January 08, 2004
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To leave. Synonyms=bounce, dip
"Aye go find Johnny. The neighbors called the cops so we gotta split"
by Heptone December 10, 2015
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To Punch someone in the face, intending punch them so hard they get a cut and bleed. (their skin splits)
if you don't get the fuck out my face, your gonna get fucking Split.
by raycharlesx May 05, 2012
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The overall length of a birds gash from front to back!
jesus your split right round to your back, and it stinks. or you gotta split ass slag.
by A.B. eavers November 05, 2003
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