I type of film where the emphasis is on killing itself compared with gore where the emphasis is on the result of the killing.
Brain Dead is a really funny splatter movie
by Lucas 666 April 02, 2007
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To ejaculate onto a bitches face so that there is a gooey messy coating of cum on her face
I just gave that hoe a splatter
by Dickman June 21, 2003
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A portmanteau of ass and platter, splatters are any pants or shorts worn lower than the waist that highlight the accessibility of the butt, presumably as an advertisement of one's eagerness for anal sex. Likely a carryover from the prison trend to announce homosexuality by wearing the pants low.
"Fool's wearin splatters and he ain't even gay!"

"What's with all these punks wearing splatters? You'd think it was Happy Hour at a gay bar."
by <MF> July 14, 2009
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When something spreads out across whatever it lands on. Usually done by soft, mushy substances as opposed to solids.
The rotten tomato splattered when it hit the window.
by Shawn B. June 19, 2003
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When you vomit, & the puke goes in every direction.
Jade is pregnant & going through morning sickness. This morning, she splattered ALL over the place before she could even make it to the toilet.
by Candy Grandpre April 06, 2008
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