the type of sound made when you throw a pineapple directly at a brick wall and it smells like an urangatang.
"did it go splat or splatter?" Hilary asked bill clinton after he threw a bowl of aunt jamima pancake mix at her crotch.
by Pat The Phunky Homosapien June 27, 2003
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To ejaculate onto a bitches face so that there is a gooey messy coating of cum on her face
I just gave that hoe a splatter
by Dickman June 21, 2003
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When something spreads out across whatever it lands on. Usually done by soft, mushy substances as opposed to solids.
The rotten tomato splattered when it hit the window.
by Shawn B. June 19, 2003
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When you vomit, & the puke goes in every direction.
Jade is pregnant & going through morning sickness. This morning, she splattered ALL over the place before she could even make it to the toilet.
by Candy Grandpre April 06, 2008
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when a person has a liquid based stool that covers the entire bowl of a toilet upon release.
Man that food went through me i had the splatters bad!
by Heisenberg7 August 30, 2015
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A portmanteau of ass and platter, splatters are any pants or shorts worn lower than the waist that highlight the accessibility of the butt, presumably as an advertisement of one's eagerness for anal sex. Likely a carryover from the prison trend to announce homosexuality by wearing the pants low.
"Fool's wearin splatters and he ain't even gay!"

"What's with all these punks wearing splatters? You'd think it was Happy Hour at a gay bar."
by <MF> July 14, 2009
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This happens when you have a severe cold or nasal infection. Your last tissue has disintegrated, your handkerchief is a congealed lump, which should be incinerated to avoid it becoming a hazard to public health, and your nose is blocking up. There is nothing for it but to blow your nose the old-fashioned way. This consists in closing each nostril in turn, with a finger, and snorting vigorously out through the other. The product of this exercise is a snot splatter. Although snot may be a misnomer as the product is usually a mixture of snot, pus and airborne detritus that makes the faecal emissions of a diseased crow’s arse seem positively pleasant in comparison.
It can also be used as a noun to describe the sort of person whose presence makes people instinctively shrink away from them, leave the room as quickly as possible to go through a complete biological decontamination routine.
I snorted out a really noxious snot splatter yesterday; I watched it for a bit to see if it moved, I think it did.
by AKACroatalin April 19, 2015
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