A loud explosion of feces that litterally blows out your ass, sending small drops of liquid poop all over the inside of the toilet bowl.
After the double cappucino, I ran to the bathroom and did a "splatter the bowl" in my friends toilet.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
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This is when you are getting head on a roller coaster and you blow your load and hits the person in the seat behind you. Like when Fabio got hit by a bird riding a roller coaster. Look for Fabio hit in the face on YouTube for an example.
Guy in front "That was definitely the best roller coaster ride I've ever had" Guy behind him "Oh Fuck I wish I had kept my mouth shut during the ride, I never expected the Fabio Splatter!"
by King Dingus June 19, 2009
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A play on the traditional Red Lobster seafood dish, the "Fishermans Platter," it occurs when a man takes his used, post-coitus condom and smacks his partner across the face with it, essentially "splattering" his ejaculatory fluids all over said partners face.
Jackie was disappointed that Justin gave her a Fisherman Splatter after they made sweet love down by the fire.
by Mathias Orion June 08, 2006
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It's what happens when a drop of water hits something and the drop breaks. It's the water that spills outside the drop.
A drop of water hit my tongue and I could feel the out splatter all over my tongue.
by The mad thinker. June 07, 2019
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After retrieving your cock from the inner sanctum of your lovers ass, you commence to beat it against their backside until you have created a Jackson Pollock mud art masterpiece.
"With "hold me closer tiny dancer" softly playing in the background, I swiftly pulled my Johnson out of John, and commenced to pankus splatter his skin tone tabula rasa. It was my greatest work to date."
by Pam Custard April 16, 2014
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When a girl gets so mad at someone waits till she's is on the rag gets her hand very bloody and slaps them with the bloody hand
My boyfriend slept with my best friend he's going to get a red splatter you just wait.
by clevman March 23, 2015
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