It's when a male skeet a huge load over a females face
Amber couldn't see a damn thing after that awesome face splatter!
by Ldogg6700 September 29, 2013
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When you cum on a chicks pussy but not inside her then smack your still hard dong on the puddle of cum sitting on her clit and it splatters all over her stomach and thighs.
I splatter donged her so hard that the cum hit her face.
by dancing jake94 November 14, 2007
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synonomus to shart, a wet version of a long fart ending in swamp ass.
"I had such bad gass that I sharted. When I went to clean up I found I had splatter farted and had to toss the BVD's. Now I have swamp ass and need to shower."
by Meierznutz September 08, 2004
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1. Explosive diarrhea that is excreted with fire-hose-like ferocity thus splattering the entire toilet pan. Usually an extremely discomforting experience producing loud sounds. Mostly accompanied by a nauseatingly stenchful odour on par with a Hump-back-dinga.

2. skat-splatt

"That's the problem hot curries and beer... you just know when you wake up the next day that you're on for a full-on Pan-splatter every time."
by Bigtoke September 08, 2009
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bad case of diahrrea, often looking more like dysenterie
Man , I'm never eating there again.As soon as I got home last night it gave me the Spanish splatter.
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
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When a woman goes into a public bathroom pulls down her pants and explodes feces all over the stall while plugging the toilet bowl with toilet tissue and escaping before anyone knows her identity.
''Hey! Someone just covered the first stall with the Bondsville Splatters!!'
by Uncle stanz October 25, 2019
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During anal sex, usually with a female, the person taking the sex farts, and follows through 'splattering' shit all over the penis. A curry, or any spicy food, can be eaten before hand to increase effectiveness
Ben: Omg did you hear about Jimmy?
Luke: No why?
Ben: Him and Sarah had anal, and she did a Russian Splatter!
by HydraForce July 16, 2014
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