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An Arabic name. In Arabic Rida mean favored By god. This girl is very sweet and sassy.
She is such a Rida'
by Book girl November 05, 2013
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A very pretty,caring,sweet,kind girl who will ALWAYSSSSSSSSS have your back and WILL instantly light up your life. They are very hard to find. Rida is also very talented at making you laugh up untill you feel like you need to piss yourself. AN AMAZINGGGGGGGG PERSON IN GENERAL.
"Omg Is that a rida??!!!!"
"omggggg it isss she is gonna make me laugh too hard i need a spare change of underwear"
by asbgfdhdfnhiop'\fjpsdf'[ga November 29, 2018
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a sweet girl who looks innocent but might just surprisa ya wit her crazy street skills yo! look for belly button rings...u know she be hidin stuff in there u only dreamed about. crazy cool as in crazy cool a rida. what else ya want nigga?
by yo mama's mamas December 06, 2005
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A person whom everyone likes and has a tendency to disappear when you least expect it. A Ridas most likely dabbles in dark magic better left alone. His iconic appearance consists of mafia boss sunglasses and hitman gloves tailored specifically for his soft, little hands. Be aware not to distract him from his daily Twitch-watching routine.
It's finally here - Hits for Ridas!
Where did Ridas go?
by GrovBjarne March 04, 2019
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A girl who goes for older men twice her age
"Oh my gosh, that girl always likes men twice her age!"

"I know, shes only 13. And, the guy is in his 20's!"

"She is SUCH a Rida!"

"Ahahaha, She is pulling a Rida"
by Aahhaha May 09, 2009
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