A flashy, slick operator who makes a living more from speculation or profiteering than from actual work. The kind of guy who wears a shiny medallion, goes bankrupt from a dodgy swampland development scheme, but still has a big house in his wife's name.
This real estate boom is a spiv's paradise.
by coljac October 6, 2005
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an ancient chav trying to make you buy something either that you don't want or something that is in short supply. Associated with showy dressing habits, shiny suits and inappropriate hats, etc. Romany word from the word 'spuvel' to push
he dresses like a spiv
by klidenengro February 13, 2004
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a chav, someone who walks like they have been shot in the knee, and it always seems to be the left one.
spivs normally hang around in large groups because they are pussys who cant look after themselves unless they are with their mates
quoted from the libertines song "what a waster".
"what a divvy, what a fucking div, talking like a moron, walking like a spiv"
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Slang term for those who avoided conscription in the first world war. Usually by lying about their physical condition or personal beleifs
"did you see gary yesterday? he told the conscription officer he was afraid of loud noises but I found him at the shooting range firing the shotguns with no earmuffs on. He is such a spiv."
by The_Taxidermist June 26, 2005
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spivs and gamblers: Those who take speculative and risky decisions with other people's money for short term financial gain for themselves at the expense of long term benefit of the public at large or the customers who's money they deal with , with likely impact on the jobs and livelyhood of many are at risk as a result .
spivs and gamblers: Did not risky actions brought about the collapse of world financial system in 2007 and 2008 and have they learned anything from its collapse and the rescue with the tax payers's money?
by ssup September 27, 2010
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