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v. - to shoot ideas out in the open, may cause yourself to seem like a complete dunce.
Kai was spit balling about the new iPhone, while David, in turn, shot them down.
by XeroCint March 02, 2009
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To make a suggestion loosely, often one that goes against common logic.
"Now I'm just spitballing here, but why don't we pay off our loan in Canadian dollars and save ourselves soem money?"
by Rogultgot August 15, 2005
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1)To toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming
to pass, to brainstorm.
2) To make harmless jibes or attacks; make weak accusations.
1)We were spitballing about the upcoming election.
2)I was just spitballing him, but he took it seriously.
by jawm October 23, 2005
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When your taking a shit and you spit in between your legs but hit your balls.
John: "I was taking a dump and I was spit balling."
Dave: "So"
John: "You think my girl would like the flavor?"
Dave: "........................"
by The D-aniel July 08, 2016
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