v. - to shoot ideas out in the open, may cause yourself to seem like a complete dunce.
Kai was spit balling about the new iPhone, while David, in turn, shot them down.
by XeroCint March 2, 2009
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Someone doing a terrible job at rapping.
Oliver *Doing some terrible rap*
Blake: Oliver you are spitting balls.
by Bl8ek June 11, 2022
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When your taking a shit and you spit in between your legs but hit your balls.
John: "I was taking a dump and I was spit balling."
Dave: "So"
John: "You think my girl would like the flavor?"
Dave: "........................"
by The D-aniel March 26, 2016
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When your fucking a girl and you finish in her vaginia, then quickly bend down and suck it all back out with your mouth.
I didn't want to have kids with Amanda so I gave her an Irish spit ball.
by Mr.Meeseekes420 December 12, 2022
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accumalation of saliva around ur balls after a sloppy blowjob
after the head i got last night i had to wash the ball spit off my nuts
by Brandon Colt Hay February 10, 2008
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