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Commonly known as Leet language (1337)

1337 h4x0r Translates to Leet Haxor (hacker with a kick)
In the language 1337 4 replaces A and 0 commonly replaces o.

Tsutomu Strikes Again!
Pirate: OMFG you newb i just owned your Sorry ***
Ninja: Ha.. it is you who is the newb! forgot about the Language Filter didnt you Newblet!?
Pirate: Phuck J00
Ninja: :0 you h4x0r
Pirate: 1337 h4x0r j00 M34N!
Ninja: ... i hate you ...
by Tsutomu October 21, 2006

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In a MMO the World of Warcraft,
Bash is a move (cheap) warrior move in which Your/The character Charges the apponent stunning them.
During or After the Stun,
The warrior then Pwns the Opponent liek a Hax0r

Tsutomu Strikes Again!
Warrior: Hah Bashed you Bi**h
Newblet: WTF i didnt see that one coming!
::Newblet attempts to flee::
::Warrior Charges the Fleeing Newblet::
Warrior: Ha you Newb
Newblet: Foiled Again!?!!?
Newblet: How long is he going to camp me this time...
Ninja: 4 EVA!
::Ninja uses a Zip Line to fly away::
Warrior: WtF was that?
by Tsutomu October 23, 2006

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1. Referring to a Male Genetalia
2. Penis
3. Referring to the Pink overlaying skin around the male 'Special Spot'
See also Pink Taco
I am going to stick my Pink Burrito in your Pink Taco tonight!
My Pink Burrito Itches..
by Tsutomu November 07, 2006

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1. n. The resedue (urine) Left over after a Urination.
2. v. The act of Pissing Ones Pants.
3. v. After a piss, watching to see if your Boxers still get Urine on them.

Origin = Piss + Squirt = Spirt
1. After a Piss, john Doesnt like it when he has spirt in his Boxers
2. Drew was laughing so hard yesterday he Spirted his pants several Times.
3. Casey shakes it for extra points, to make sure He doesnt spirt his boxers.
by Tsutomu October 26, 2006

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The state of which your body has exhausted all its energy during sexual activity and results in a slow, uncontrolled motion that oddly resembles a humping motion.
After 5 hours of sex joe was very tired and put it into cruise control to catch his breath
by Tsutomu October 21, 2006

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