Name of a guy who is caring, friendly and sexual. He is hot and aggressive when needed.
He was so incredible in bed today. Just like a spiros
by tseriesmomo March 12, 2019
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Spiro is a really cute creature.

They live on the earth, mostly in Germany (at least for now)
They are really swag. Like they got drippy drip.
When you see a Spiro, you just wanna lean towards it and pats their head.

Please be careful with the Spiro.

They're extremely rare. We need to be careful and make them feel useful and cared for.
-oH? who's that?

-It's Spiro! The cutest mf alive :)<3!

-Really? Oh mY gAd I wanna watch peppa pig P@rn with it!!!
by im_guit April 27, 2021
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1. Greek god of speed
2. Greek god of jizzing on his own hairy belly
3. Greek god of speedily jizzing on his own hairy belly
Richard: Andy went full tilt Spiros again last night; I could hear his gravy strokes through the thin walls
Davoud: nobody comes on his own belly faster!
by Buckleberry Fingerbang December 11, 2019
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Spiros is a guy with a huge dick. He is drippy af and he can easily steal your bitch.

Spiros can also be used to say that someone has a big brain
Random bitch: so he's name is spiros? No wonder he has a humungous donk
by Aerostatos March 1, 2021
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Sexy, hot, wanted, desired man
Like the guy you dream about!
by Bill Gates September 7, 2003
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