A personality description, usually for young women, suggesting they are rebellious but loveable... but actually means they are bratty, arrogant, and argumentative.
A: the female protagonist in my story is a 16 year old girl who is loud, never listens to anyone's advice, always thinks she knows best, and hates authority because she is soooo cool. How can I sell her to the public?
B: Describe her as 'spirited'.
by iris00 December 12, 2011
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A Mars rover sent by NASA to Mars in 2003, landing in Gusev Crater. Designed to search for evidence of water.
"Spirit is just fine, it's not dead."
by Patteroast January 27, 2004
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A movie that came out around Christmas time and was a fuckin flop. Makes some realize that they could have spent the ticket money watching a monkey eat shit and it would have been more satisfying.

"hey you wanna go see The Spirit?"
"no i would rather hit my balls with a hammer"
"ok that sounds more fun anyway"
by heyheyheyismellgrass March 24, 2009
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A beautiful girl who looks evil, and is evil. Although she does not give good advice, you should always seek her advice and do the opposite. There is a 0% chance that you will find anyone like her, so stay close, stay close and stay close. She has an obsession with fat chonks, so do bonk her every other day. Anyway, happy birthday to our future doc.
I want to be like the Spirit, to be with thee whithersoever thou goest.
by helicopter helicopterr November 29, 2021
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Rap group formed in Illinois featuring white rappers Special K and Chableezy. Songs include single Stack that Cheese and Shittin on yo Car. Team tag style rapping with freestylin or their regular songs backed up by band The Green Sheets. Formed in a boring ass biology class with the writing of Stack That Cheese which led to the formation of the band. Other single Shittin on Yo Car written to remember the incident where Chableezy shit all up on the hood of someones car for the hell of it. These are just the singles from their album Keep the Freedom which is to be produced by J Money Records.
Special K: Stack that cheese all day long, stack that cheese the number one song.
Chableezy: Cheese means paper like money through the grater, if you wanna stack gotta be a true playa.
The Spirits
by OAH94 November 30, 2010
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Being tricked into a service that robs you, unknowingly signing on to something because you think it is a good deal only to find yourself penniless and hungry wishing you had chosen Delta.
Tyler: John I just got a truck off craigslist for $200
John: That's awesome, how does it run?
Tyler: It only came with the steering wheel.
John: Oh shit boy you just got spirit airlined!

That woman plays more tricks than a Spirit Airline's stewardess.
by llama tattoo July 7, 2012
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Internet meme hailing from Twitter, referencing iconic 90s actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, meaning you're deeply attracted to a white man, which implies that Tamera's "spirit" is possessing you.

The meme is inspired by a heavily used gif of Tamera crying, while confessing she is called "white man's whore" by internet trolls, because of her interracial marriage to a white man. Also, she is often picked on by fans and her dear friend Loni Love, for her apparent predilection for white men.
Have you seen Chris Evans's new photoshoot? The spirit of Tamera is calling me.

I can't get over my obsession with Jon Hamm... The spirit of Tamera isn't giving me a break.
by plansfornigel September 20, 2019
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