While being ass fucked, you cannot control your sphincter and you deficate on the penetrating penis.
Shit! Her ass was tight but I fucked it so hard... i made her spill the beans!
by Socialpolice August 30, 2018
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The inform some one of the truth, to let them know in honesty, have any one be told what they wish to hear.
After Sandra and Dave gave birth to a baby boy, Dave started to doubt his new born child. One night while Sandra was out playing bingo with the girlies, leaving Dave to take care for his new toddler. Sitting in his high chair being fed his supper, Dave asks, 'now son, come on spill the beans. Who is really your father?' And the beans went all over his face.
by Long Johns September 04, 2015
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When a stripper gives someone an enjoyable lap dance and proceeds to defecate upon them before it's over
Sparkles will give my laphog a good grind but I hope she doesn't spill the beans.
by nasty nater June 07, 2015
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When you push a Mexican person over. A.k.a. Spilling beans. Never used it racist terms only when Mexicans are pushed over (a rare sight)
"i split the beans when we played the Chivas in soccer."

"we were both fighting, me and Gomez I wont, I split the

Mike, Spilling the beans yesterday was sweet
by Chazz himself May 17, 2007
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Based on the children's game of the same name, this game takes place when two or more individuals have to share a trash can. The one who can no longer balance something on top of the heaping pile of garbage without it falling down is the one who must take the trash out.
"That last beer can spilled the beans, so now I have to take the trash out."

"John lost this round of don't spill the beans."
by RedWater June 30, 2009
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