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a stunt performed on a crotch rocket where you place your legs between your arms and over the windshield, while sitting on the tank... it feels like you are in a high chair, hence the name... dangerous to the novice...
did you see that wicked ass high chair i pulled?
by Jesters Deadd November 11, 2005
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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When someone deserves to be High Fived .. in the face... with a chair.
That guy is such a jerk for cheating on me I just want to give him a sweet highchair.

That girl knocked my beer over, didn't buy me a new one and then made out with that Bro at the bar. Chick needs a Highchair.
by Zeepo August 22, 2011
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One sitting on the tank of his motorcycle, with his legs over the windscreen/front cowl, and then wheelieing.
See for pictures.
by Reg October 17, 2003
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When a man is standing and a girl sits on shoulders supported by the man and he preforms oral sex.. while standing.
Man.. I put that girl in the high chair and eat that pussy until she melted..
by High chair September 30, 2017
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(n) a stoners favorite place to relax.
alt. pronunciation hizz' e chizz' e
Dude, I got so toasted last night that I ended up falling asleep in my high chair.
by seriously non-stoner October 04, 2010
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