Going from lane to lane in traffic... more specifically into the carpool lane.
When driving on the freeway and going in and out of the carpool lane to pass people. Usually bad drivers that are slowing down the flow of traffic.
I was spilling in traffic today because of the occasional slow driver in the fast lane.

I spill through traffic to get around bad drivers but stay in the carpool lane as little as possible to avoid a ticket.
by Led Zeppelin the band May 2, 2018
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When somebody says a strong opinion that you agree with
Person: The way Da'Vonne was robbed every Big Brother and The Challenge season she's been on
Other Person: Oop- You spilled
by mybussyisintenslyquakingnow February 8, 2021
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In slang derived from stan twitter, spill comes from the root “spill the tea”, which means to tell the gossip or the truth. Spill is simply a shortened and modernized version of the now-outdated phrase.
Person 1: “Ariana’s best album is Sweetener.”
Person 2: “Spill! It’s by far her most well-produced and experimental album!”
by IAmHelloForU October 9, 2020
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"I know that you know something, so go ahead and spill it!"
by lilmissjessi August 8, 2003
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1. To knock over a liquid of some sort.
2. To tell everything.
3. To fall.
4. To do poorly.
1. Man, my Mom's gonna kill me for spilling that red wine on her pillow. That stuff never comes out.
2. Come on, spill. What did you do?
3. Man, that was a gnarly spill I took on the 360, man.
4. Her grades took a major spill this year. I think she'll have to do summer school.
by M.E.R.E.D.I.T.H!! June 18, 2007
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To tell someone everything you know you should never say, even though you want to....
Oh my god, I got so drunk last night and spilled my guts to Neil, now I can't look him in the eye!!
by Ding Dang Do February 20, 2011
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to vent, use a lot of words, free form rap, a braindump of ideas.

could be used to describe a lengthy blog post, or a boring speech.

can be used in a positive or negitive way.
wow honey, that was quite a spill.
by Jesse Colburn August 15, 2007
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