To Be Many differant emotions. Pretty much meaning your pretty bipolar. You're moods can change at any moment.
Cp: How are you?
GF: Ehh I am kinda dimensional.
Cp: Oh Really?
GF: Yeah Really You freaking Dumbass.
by Elijah Marie June 12, 2008
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Discrimination against one's dimension (3D, 4D, etc.), usually treating one from a lower dimension as if they had less rights.
4D Person: "Let's kick this 3D person out. He's in the 3rd Dimension after all."
5D Person: "Stop. You're committing dimensionism on the 3D person."
by Sedi3D October 15, 2023
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something that is off the hook, an adjective describing something that is cool.
ascics are dimensional.
by e-diddy. September 18, 2003
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A crack, split, or break between dimensions.
There was a dimensional rift in between our world and theirs.
by jambalaya February 2, 2016
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An individual lacking the characteristics of depth or form (AKA a stupid person).
She was so two dimensional that she didn't even realize the danger of what she was putting herself or her loved ones in.
by Sir Claymore May 21, 2016
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When a person does not want to be in the 3rd dimension, but feels that he or she should have been a cartoon their entire life
Jake: Yo how's it going Bob?
Bob: I just came out as trans dimensional, and prefer to go by the name of Sheen
Jake: From Jimmy Neutron? If that makes you happy.
by Shade_Lobber June 3, 2016
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Having tru love and devotion for all things ketchup and ketchup on all things. Others may tell you that you need to broaden your horizons, try BBQ or tartar sauce for once, but you ain't havin it. Ketchup on your burgers, nuggets, fishsticks, hot dogs, buns...anything you could possibly eat in a lifetime.
If you're slackin on your snackin you betta Ketchup on your game, holla back!
Friend: Dude, fish sticks and ketchup? Are you serious? Here, have some tartar.

Other friend: Hell no man, gone ketchup dimensional, I'm seein red son.

Friend: Shit man, that's love.

Other friend: Word
by ceejayrun April 2, 2009
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