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An organised social event to facilitate meeting new people, usually for hetrosexuals wishing to meet new potential partners.

Equal numbers of both sexes attend, usually paying a gratuity of around GBP£20. Each spends about three minutes talking to each member of the oppposite sex - the social interaction that takes place therein is referred to as a 'speed date'.

At the end of the evening everyone marks on a card who they would like to date again and who they wouldn't. The organisers then swap contact information between matches - usually an email address or mobile phone number.

Speed dating apparently started in New York, and was popularised by TV show 'Sex In The City'. It is now most popular amongst professionals in their mid 20's and 30's.
I went on a speed date and nobody likes me.
by Dan Fox July 30, 2003
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to partake a social engagement with a member of the opposite sex while on the drug Speed. While on the date everything moves remarkably fast. see quick.
Tony and Mariela went out to the Mongolian barbecue, drove to the lake, got a speeding ticket on the way, sprinted down the beach, removed their clothing, did the deed, kissed each other good night, and returned home in a matter of 4.2 seconds
by Kyle King August 31, 2004
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A method of masturbation that has to be performed quickly.
I broke up with my girlfriend so I had to speed date before work.
by bam November 18, 2003
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when 2 members of the oppostite sex meet for a 20 min date ofcoffee and conversation. this situation leave more options ie. if you like her you might let her buy you dinner. if she winds up being a freakshow you can always say. "ah shucks... i forgot... i need to go floss my cat"
by dude January 21, 2004
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