ramming you flesh torpedo into a lubricated armpit ... back and fourth, back and fourth
As in never speed stick non shaved pits unless you want brillo dick!
by T-Strom July 10, 2008
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the fine filmy layer of greasy perspiration and methamphetamine residue that seeps out of one's pores after ingesting methamphetamine. Not quite sweat, speed stick does not drip or take on a liquid state. Rather it coats one's skin like a glossy glaze.
I could tell he was on a good one once his skin accumulated speed stick.
by Llenar13 May 21, 2010
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The act of engaging in intercourse with a person, using their armpit as the penile receptacle. Like a mountain-fresh titty fuck.
"For my 40th birthday, my wife said I could put it anywhere. So I'm planning on speed sticking her."
by nin_man July 11, 2012
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a term in which a male ejaculates into a females armpits if she is hot/sweaty/tired etc. generally used if there is no deodorant in the area for perspiration.
Female: "oh man im so sweaty and i need deodorant i wish i had some".

Mike: "here how's about i give you a Filipino Speed stick to prevent you from sweating anymore and let you cool off"
by that1Guy209 February 16, 2010
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When he cums quick
Girl1: Joe came so fast last night.
Girl2: Yeah, he is such a speed stick.
by UncleRatsh August 19, 2017
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