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The state of physical and mental exhaustion following an over-extended period of sleep deprivation and/or an overwhelming exertion of energy due to the ingestion of methamphetamines. Typically the subsequent course of action for the afflicted is to "fall out," as voluntary bodily functions cease to operate in proper working order and immanent slumber causes loss of consciousness to ensue.
Carlos: Do I look burnt out, dog?
Phil: Yeah, you look like hell... Do you have any more dope?
by Llenar13 January 25, 2011

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The physical, mental, and emotional condition one achieves through prolonged periods (generally multiple consecutive days) of sleep deprivation, malnutrition, & dehydration while under the influence of methamphetamines. Symptoms vary among individual users. However, common effects are delirium, schizophrenia, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, irrational & compulsive dis-assembly of household appliances & devices, chronic back & neck misalignment, and ill-advised barter of personal possessions (not necessarily belonging to the one affected by the condition).
The scatter-brained tweaker was obviously on a good one as he carpet surfed his car & sifted through the vacuum bag for meth on day five.
by Llenar13 January 30, 2010

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A glass methamphetamine pipe containing one or more shard-like pieces of unmelted methamphetamine.
I loaded a fat chunk shard of bomb dope in my pipe and shook it around like and Oildale baby rattle.
by Llenar13 July 02, 2009

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A small section of a plastic bag usually, but not necessarily, the corner of the bag. Often in lieu of a baggie or zip lock bag the bag frag is mostly utilized as an improvisational method of illicit drug transactions to contain the drug inside. It is, at times, considered a diversionary tactic to disguise the bag frag's true contents.
Its a good thing Steve O went to bag tying school because all we have left to sell this gerp in is bag frags.
by Llenar13 April 26, 2010

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the fine filmy layer of greasy perspiration and methamphetamine residue that seeps out of one's pores after ingesting methamphetamine. Not quite sweat, speed stick does not drip or take on a liquid state. Rather it coats one's skin like a glossy glaze.
I could tell he was on a good one once his skin accumulated speed stick.
by Llenar13 May 21, 2010

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a mental state in which one is subconsciously compliant with instructions, suggestions, and/or commands. Typically, the slapnotism is adminisered following an exhaustive effort to subdue an insubordinate individual who is unresponsive to conventional methods of agreeablity where reasoning, logic, and acceptable behavior cannot be achieved. Common techniques include the open-handed palm strike, the back-handed knuckle rap, and the slapper-cut; all of which are targeted towards cranial or facial pressure points in order to pulsate the slapnotist's objective message throughout the neurotransimitters in the subject's brain.
My old lady needed to get slapnotized when she started causing a fuss at the Wienerschnitzel before someone called the cops on us.
by Llenar13 August 12, 2011

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n. methamphetamines
v. the act of ingesting methamphetamines through vaporization
adj. of or pertaining to an object or device associated with methamphetamines or methamphetamine addicts
Hey, is it time to blay yet? I've got some bomb blay and I'd like to christen this blay bong I just made.
by Llenar13 August 30, 2009

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