To be covered in grime often caused by sweating
Jess why are you so filmy? Have you been rolling in dirt all day?
by Walt D. May 5, 2006
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Hinglish slang referring to anything that seems like it could be from a Bollywood movie.
"So he wrote her this song and performed it for her at his concert...and she ended up leaving her fiance for him!"
"How filmi, yaar..."
by suhani March 27, 2008
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A filmie is someone who only watches the films of a particular series, and not the books.

Examples of popular series include Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Twilight, though Twilight isn't a good series of books. Actually it's completely crap
A) Person 1: OMG I hate Snape from Harry Potter!!!!!! He killed Dumbledore!!!11

Person 2: Either you haven't got to the seventh book yet or you're a filmie

B) Random person on twitter: LOL wow two harry potter related TTs! Harry Potter is my favourite film X

Another person, who's a complete stranger to them: God, not another filmie...-.- *sigh*
by likeacheesestick May 4, 2011
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An adjective for someone who is crazy about Bollywood movies and tries to act like he/she is part of the film world. Filmi could also be anything inspired by Bollywood - i.e. clothing that is loud, garish and ostentatious.
Avian the night club generally plays a lot of Bollywood music and thus obviously the filmi crowd flocks to Avian.

"Manny is in a completely filmi-mode these days. He's re-painted his home in the most jazziest of colors."
by shabana_azmi September 6, 2007
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