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‘Special snowflake’ syndrome, is a disease in which the subject believes that because she occupies a subculture mildly different to the mainstream, she is inherently better, and above them. The subject will never state that she is better, but it is implied, as is the belief that she is rare in her qualities, despite, in reality, being an only slightly less common cliche. Subjects suffering from this syndrome have been known to make statements such as “I’m the girl who’d rather stay home reading Harry Potter than get drunk and get ‘sweet hooks’ “, and will frequently act as if she is under tremendous pressure to act like a ‘typical girl,’ not realising that ‘typical girls’ are a myth, and those she looks down upon are not what they seem.

See also: tumblr cliche, First world problems.
As soon as she picked up that digital camera and bought some vans she caught Special Snowflake Syndrome.
by TheGreatConvex May 24, 2011
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