Zx means Zeukro or zeukrox a person who had a lot of mistakes in his life but is a nice person online
ZX is the meaning for Zeukro or Zeukrox
by Unknown_5367 December 16, 2018
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(zee’ ex)An underground artist who's whereabouts are currently unknown. Current artist named is ZxO.oxZ, is known to go by Zx or Zee. ZxO.oxZ tends to play music that is of the Dubstep Genre. ZxO.oxZ has featured in multiple Youtube Celeb’s videos as background music, this along with a small list of flash arcade games.
Did you hear the new ZX album that came out?
by ZemonDawn June 24, 2013
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A word used to prove two hot know it all sisters wrong when playing Urban Scrabble and win the prize of a hot tub sans clothes.
'Hey, I got ZX'
'Really? You win. Let's get in the hot tub and make some pom pom'
by Isn't it August 11, 2009
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zx./ is for rhythm players who wants to be better in rhythm games it's also used by professionals
The key inputs I use to play rhythm games is zx./
by Lucider April 16, 2021
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Ultra fast sportsbike powered by a 749cc in-line four. A product of Kawasaki that is a little on the heavy side, but dominated the sports bike racing world for its life-span. The bike was the unquestioned king of the AMA for the better part of the 90's. Also note that a ZX-7R will shit all over R1's and GIXXER 1K's.
My ZX-7R handles like its on railroad tracks when im doin a buck forty.
by L-moe May 28, 2008
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A 1352cc hyperbike manufactured by Kawasaki. It is currently the most powerful production motorcycle created and the largest displacement production sportbike, with 1/4 times faster than the Hayabusa. The in-line four, 1,352 cc ZX-14 has been given a pet name at Kawasaki -- the "Hayabusa beater." For those who don't speak sport bike, the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R is the 155-horsepower stud that has defined and dominated the so-called hyperbike category since 1999. The ZX-14 boasts over 200hp and has 1/4 miles times a little over 9 seconds bone stock.
A ZX-14 is very quick, and is currently the fastest production sportbike being manufactured today.
by Hit TheTon September 19, 2006
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